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All in One

Posted August 15, 2012 in Community Featured, Downtown

Katie McGrath and her puppy, Lola, enjoy time in the upstairs living area of her live/work loft in downtown.

Katie McGrath is one of several downtown residents whohave a live/work loft where, as the name implies, they live where they work. For McGrath, the decision to rent a space where she could have her business, Salon Revolution, and home in one place was a matter of convenience.

“I just decided to simplify things,” she says. “I moved in and loved it.”

McGrath has been in the loft for three years and, though she had previously frequented downtown, this is her first venture living here, and she really likes the community.

As far as living where she works, McGrath says there are definite pros and cons to the situation. She likes that she is never too far from her animals and never has to commute.

“It’s also better for my business,” she says. “I can be much more flexible with people and their schedules.”

A big benefit of living downtown for McGrath is being so close to the festivals. The storefront of her loft has tall windows that look out onto the street.  “There’s always something going on,” she says.

As far as the cons, McGrath says sometimes she feels like she never gets away from work and that her home always has to be clean and ready for visitors. She insists, however, the savings on expenses is worth it.

McGrath knew the previous resident of the loft she now rents, so when she was told the loft would soon be available, she didn’t hesitate to ask if she could be the next to move in.

 McGrath runs a salon out of the downstairs.

“These do go so fast that if one opens, you need to jump on it,” she says.

The living space consists of a kitchen, bathroom and bedroom on the first floor with the salon while upstairs in the loft she has a half bath and living room. Because of the open salon area, McGrath says the space is perfect for entertaining.

“For the different parades and stuff, my family and friends come over and we make a little party of it,” she says.

Not only does the loft allow her to work and entertain where she lives, but she is allowed to have pets, which include Lola, her lion-esque looking puppy, and Jack, the cat who never seems to move. McGrath says Lola doesn’t mind living downtown but enjoys the time she gets to spend in the backyard of the suburban home of McGrath’s mother.

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