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Timeless Beauty

Posted July 31, 2012 in Adel, Community Featured

Dani and Mike Flinn and their dog, Zip, live in this house that has belonged to the Flinn family since 1912.

Owned by Mike and Dani Flinn, this timeless beauty is located in one of the most scenic farming areas of Dallas County. The house was built in 1919 when the average life expectancy in the United States was 51.5 years.  The car was beginning to change the way people lived, Ford’s Model T was being mass produced, the first electric self-starter for automobiles was introduced,  and women were not allowed to vote.

William Coffin bought the original parcel of land from the government.  In 1912 Mr. Coffin sold the land to Mike’s grandfather, Ollie Flinn, and he rented the ground to his brother who lost his entire family to “Spanish Flu”—the fastest spreading and most deadly influenza in recorded history.

In 1919 Mike’s grandparents, Ollie and Iva Flinn, built the house and lived in it until their death.   As early as 1919 the house had electricity powered by a Dynamo system.  The house also had indoor plumbing.

In 1976 the farm was bought by Mike’s parents, Richard (Dick) and Jackie Flinn. They did some minor remodeling but didn’t change the general appearance.

In 2007 the third generation of the Flinn’s, Mike and Dani, purchased the farm and started preserving history, which has evolved over a period of time.  Using his measurement, formula, fact and calculation woodworking skills, Mike built an entertainment center, bookcases, and different pieces of furniture all in keeping with the restored floors and woodwork. A master suite was built using 3 of the 4 original bedrooms, and the kitchen and dining room were made more spacious by removing a wall. Seven outside buildings were torn down, the barn was restored and painted red, and they built an attached heated and cooled “party garage” for entertaining family and friends.  They are starting an orchard to go along with Dani’s flower and vegetable gardens.

Mike is retired from Case Corporation where he was recognized as one of the top salesmen for over 30 years.  He has a love for antique car restoration and he and Dani are most proud of their restored 1920 Model T Ford.  They bought the car while on their honeymoon in North Dakota in 2005.  After several years of “profound artistry” it is PRISTINE.  Henry Ford would be proud!

Dani is retired after a professional singing career in the Kansas City area.  She has a karaoke machine and can present a very professional and entertaining concert.

The Flinn’s have an online business that specializes in service and repair manuals for construction and farm equipment.

Along with their dog Zip, they love their life on this farm “a thing of beauty that will be a joy forever.”

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