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Clone Car

Posted July 27, 2012 in Community Featured, Clear Lake

Marlin Blakewell’s sleek little yellow sports car may look like a 1972 Chevelle Super Sport, but looks can be deceiving.

This SS is a “clone car.”

“It’s not a true SS. It was actually a Malibu, and they cloned it into an SS by putting original Chevelle parts on it,” Blakewell explains.

Surprisingly, “clone cars” are more common than many Chevelle-lovers may realize.

“It is not so easy to tell the difference between a genuine SS and a plain Malibu which has been altered to look like an SS. There are far more SS ‘look-alikes’ out there than people realize. There may even be more SS clones out there than genuine SSs,” according to website.

Blakewell is quick to identify his sporty model as a clone to visitors right from the start. But while it may be a clone, it’s still a sweet ride that’s always fun to drive.

“I take this to car shows and enjoy cruising around. It’s very fun; people always stop you to talk about it,” he notes.

If the car has one downfall, it comes at the pump.

“It’s pretty hard on gas,” Blakewell says.

With an 8-cylinder, .383 engine, it has a pretty big cam and a lot of power under the hood, but Blakewell says he’s never really put the pedal down to find out what it can do. Rather, he’s a man who respects his automobiles, has always worked hard for them and likes to keep them in good repair.

“I didn’t have to do much on this one,” he says, adding that it was purchased out of Indiana.

Blakewell grew up on a farm outside of Clear Lake and was driving tractors, hauling grain, baling hay and doing all the livestock chores at an early age.

“My dad bought my first car for me,” he recalls.

That first car was a 1962 Ford convertible and, like so many grown-up Baby Boomers, the first car is a car he wishes never got away.

“I would love to have it back, but this one is good enough for me now,” he says with a smile as he gets ready to take the bright yellow Chevelle clone out for a spin on a summer day made for cruising around the lake.

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